The Keto Diet One Month – How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Month

Over a year ago I stumbled across the keto diet. People were talking about how much weight could be lost.

The extra pounds were coming off quickly and there was a lot of talk about how much energy could be gained and how much better you would feel.

How to Lose 15 Pounds

I did not start following this food plan to lose weight. My “why” was to have increased energy and hopefully, improved productivity.

Not only was I hoping for more energy, but increased clarity allowing me to get through the day’s tasks more quickly.

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You see, it was common for me to eat processed carbs, such as; doughnuts, bagels, croissants…morning pastries were my favorite.

The result of eating these foods was a great sugar rush for the first 10 minutes or more and then the crash that followed. Kind of sounds like a story being told by a drug addict.

But I guess sugar could be considered a drug. The effects of sugar made it difficult for me to stay awake as well as preventing me from performing at my best.

Being tired of being tired is what led me to the keto diet and the 30 day challenge.

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The 30 Day Keto Challenge

My goal for the ketogenic diet 30 days was to avoid the carb coma as wells hypoglycemic episodes (shakiness and irritability that results from blood sugar being low after the sugar rush).

This meant having to give up bread, pasta, rice, doughnuts, cake, ice cream and anything else that has sugar.

The idea of giving up sugar kind of sucked, but the thought of not having to deal with the carb coma was extremely appealing.

In the end, not having these hypoglycemic episodes appealed more to me than eating sugar.

The sugar, pasta, bread and rice were all eliminated from my diet (well 90%-95% of it was).

One of the other decisions I made was to have a healthy obsession with getting healthy and making this way of eating fit into my lifestyle. I don’t count calories, carbs or anything else for that matter.

I don’t overthink it. Reading labels or googling nutritional information just to know what foods are high in carbs and/or sugar became important.

I have always felt that sugar makes me feel a bit “out of control”. Now, that feeling is gone and I go out of my way to make sure it does not return.

With all that said, I still eat whatever I feel like eating. I had cake on my birthday, but it was a two-bite piece and I will occasionally eat a few bites of bread.

My goal is to taste it, but not to eat enough it will cause a hypoglycemic episode restarting the cycle of cravings.

Keto Diet How Much Weight Can I Lose

Doing Keto My Way

I do eat out at some nice restaurants and want to experience life to the fullest and that means trying all the foods. If it has a lot of carbs or sugar, I will only have a bite or two.

One of the other benefits of Keto and eliminating carbs is my appetite has decreased tremendously.

If I am hungry, eating is not a matter of life or death. It can wait until I am ready to have food. I suspect this is a result of not going through a “sugar drop”.

I feel better than I have felt in a long time. My concentration and focus has increased as well as my overall energy level.

I did not realize what eating poorly was doing to me until I got a week or two of healthy eating under my belt. My balance has increased and the mild dizziness that I was experiencing has disappeared.

One of the best benefits of eating low-carb is the absence of the bloated feeling that results from eating sugar.

It seems like everything about me feels “light”. If you’re wondering how to lose 15 pounds, the keto diet weight loss plan works.

Keto Diet Weight Loss

What I Got From the Ketogenic Diet

Although losing weight was not one of my goals at all, I will take it. I am not sure of the date I made the decision to change my way of eating.

Just guessing it as about 5 weeks earlier. After five weeks, I was down 15 pounds with no long weight loss plateaus.

If a person is going to feel good, I guess it does not hurt to look good as well.

I once heard a person say that “more than 70% of health issues tie back to what you put in your mouth” and I truly believe this is true.

Look at high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer…what is the one thing you can do to reduce your chances of getting these conditions? Lose weight.

A ketogenic diet weight loss plan is one of many programs that can help you get your health statistics back into the “normal” range.

Losing weight is one of the best things you can do for your health if you are overweight. In addition, statistics say that more than 2/3 of American adults could stand to lose a few pounds.

Telling someone to lose weight is an easy statement to make. There must be over a thousand different plans for taking off weight, but I feel like I have found the one that I can follow for the rest of life and not feel like I am on a “diet” (I hate that word).

When I hear the word “diet”, I feel like someone has just slammed a prison door with me on the other side of it.

Keto Diet One Month

How to Lose 15 Pounds In One Month

You may be wondering…how much weight can I lose? It is possible to lose 15 pounds in a month.

I did it with very little effort (surprisingly). And there are MANY people that have lost more than 15 pounds. Follow the keto diet the way it was designed. Eat the carbs, protein and fat recommended for your current weight and your weight loss target.

You will be surprised at how quickly you will shed the pounds. However, it is extremely important to understand the downside of eating keto. Electrolyte replacement is also important when eating low carb.

Understand what supplements are needed to get all the vitamins and minerals required. There are a ton of great keto recipes and keto snack ideas that can easily keep you on track.

If you have tried repeatedly to lose weight without success, you may want to try the Ketogenic Diet.

I did go through some days of discomfort as my body withdrew from sugar, but I would go through it again to get where I am now.

In addition, I go out of my way to make sure I eat very little that will trigger the cravings. I am afraid that I will never get back what I have now. It is no fun being on the diet roller coaster.

Take your keto diet before and after 30 day pictures and get started on a journey to increased energy and a clear mind.

The ketogenic way of eating can get you to a healthy weight and give you the energy you need to live your best life one day at a time.

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