13 Best Books for Balanced Living

Since Create a Fit Life is really about health, wellness and balanced living. These are 13 of my favorite books and I have read them all over the last 5 years and most of them I will read again.

There are books here that talk about eating, productivity, relationships and wellness. The idea is to gain the information you need to live your best life with the least amount of (unmanaged) stress.

Just pick one a month (or find your own) and find time to read 10 pages a day. You will be amazed at how it will relax and you might just find another tool to add to your wellness toolbox.

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You should make reading a daily activity. It is easier now than ever before. We all have cell phones, so we all have the capability to read (or listen) to book anytime we have our phone in our possession.

Don’t have any desire to read self-improvement? Why not try fiction, non-fiction, best-sellers, romance novels…the possibilities are endless!