Creating a “My Perfect Day” Story for Inspiration

What motivates you to do anything? What makes you feel like getting off the couch and getting to it?

My Perfect Day

Having a solid “why” for wanting to be healthy is going to be your biggest motivator.

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Reaching deep within yourself to find a strong reason for change will be one of the best moves you can make for losing weight (getting healthy).

The motivational tool I like the best is writing a “my perfect day” journal entry or story. This is a written story of what your “perfect” day would look like to you.

What time would you get up? Where would you be? What would you wear? What would you do? Who would you be with? You get the idea…

I like to write these periodically (1 – 4 times annually). It is interesting to go back and read these after years have passed. It can be motivating to see where you started out on a journey and where you are today.

It can also be interesting to see how your goals have changed over time. Don’t like to write? How about a vision board?

A vision board can be pictures copied and pasted on a google doc, a pinterest secret board, a bulletin board with magazine pics. Anything that allows you to layout your perfect day visually.

There are countless ways of saving pictures that depict your perfect day or your goals. Want to write your own perfect day journal entry?

One of the best ways of achieving your goals is to visualize yourself having already achieved them. Affirmation style statements work best. “I am thin and healthy” rather than “I will lose weight and get healthy.”

The more detail that you put in a “My Perfect Day” story the better you will be able to visualize changes in your life, but don’t let the thought of detail paralyze you into not doing the exercise.

You can create an online document in a matter of minutes with a few pictures and affirmation statements that will get you started. Create one today and look at it every morning so you that you are reminded daily of the prize.