10 Tips to Start a Beginner Workout Plan

So, you have made the decision to get healthy and start a beginner workout plan. Where do you start? Getting started can be life-changing and is not as difficult as you think.

Whether you have health issues or not, staying active with a regular exercise program will help you keep what you have. If you need to lose a few pounds or have weight-related health issues, there is no time like the present to start a beginner workout plan.

Gym memberships are a great option for starting an exercise plan, but a lot of people buy them, use them for a month and then the novelty wears off and they become money down the drain.

If you truly want to create a plan with a fitness facility, your best option is to have the facility’s trained professional create a plan tailored to your goals. Being successful will depend on you doing what the trainer recommends.

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Getting Started with a Beginner Workout Plan

Starting an exercise plan can be your first step towards living a healthier life. It is never too late.

1. You Can Start Slow

If you spend a lot of your time sitting on the couch or behind a desk, your workout plan needs to start slow and increase over the first month or two following the start date of your workout program.

Make your plan progressive by adding reps and sets and weight or resistance over time.

The important thing is to not over complicate things in the early stages of your program. Having a complicated program can just add to the list of reasons why you are following the program.

2. See A Doctor

Before starting an exercise or a weight loss program you should see your doctor. This step is especially important if you are over the age of 45.

A routine physical can reveal conditions that may lead to injury or other medically related risks.

Medical organizations also have options for workout plans, such as; personal trainers, exercise programs and workout facilities with exercise professionals.

3. Plan Time For Your Workout

Many people lead overly busy lives. If you do not schedule workout time into your week, chances are, nothing will change. Make your exercise a priority.

If you are a morning person that may be your best time for exercise. Do you have problems sticking to a schedule? A class could be a better option for you.

Look at your schedule and figure where you can schedule a designated amount of time to create your new, healthier life.

Sticking with a plan for 30-days will often turn the activity into a habit and make it easier to continue with your routine workouts.

Beginner Workout Plan

4. Include Aerobic, Strength and Stretching Activities

A balanced exercise plan should include a balance of all 3 types of exercise…aerobic, strength training and stretching.

Aerobic exercise stimulates the heart rate and breathing rate to increase in a way that can be sustained for the exercise session. Running, walking, swimming, bike riding, dancing are a few examples of aerobic exercise.

Strength training is a type of exercise that uses resistance to build muscle. Free weights, weight machines and resistance bands are some ways that you can build muscle.

Building lean muscle helps your body burn calories while at rest. And as you get old, your body loses muscle mass over time. It is important to make strength exercise a part of a workout routine from the beginning to maintain muscle mass.

Stretching exercises are necessary to keep your muscles limber (and they feel good after a good workout). The best time to stretch is after a workout when the muscles are warm.

Having a complete workout plan should be part of a beginner program for exercise.

5. Use a Journal or Tracker to Record Progress

Seeing where you started and watching your journey can be motivating. There are many printables that are available to help you track any number of things.

You can keep it simple and do it online or in a simple journal that can be picked up at any dollar store.

6. Set Goals with Rewards

A plan is an essential part of a workout program, but so is rewarding yourself for reaching those goals.

Plan rewards that you can give yourself when you achieve particular milestones. Even if your milestones are sticking to the plan for a period of time, that is a good start. Allow yourself to enjoy a job well done.

7. Wear the Proper Attire

You don’t necessarily need expensive name-brand workout attire. Shoes that are comfortable are essential.

I usually pay between $50 and $100 for walking shoes. You want clothes that is not restrictive, but not so loose that it will get caught on equipment that is being used for your workout.

Danskin makes workout clothes that are very affordable and I think that it can be bought a Walmart.

8. Nix the All or Nothing Thinking

This a big one because it deals with the emotional part of the plan and often that is more powerful than the physical aspects of the program.

Each day is a new day and it should not be impacted by things that were not “perfect” the day before. Trying to play “catch up” can also be counterproductive.

So, if it is your workout day and something comes up and you just can’t get to it, do something. Even if you just march in place for 10 minutes.

There are many ways you can exercise without leaving your home. And thinking that you will do twice as much the next day is not the answer either. Do what you can and start with a clean slate each day.

How to Stay Motivated

Your Perfect Day

Before you start a journey, take some time to create your “perfect day”.

Whether it is a weight loss program, an exercise program, getting out of debt or any other thing, create a journal entry, a storyboard or pinterest board that depicts your perfect day as a result of reaching your goal.

When it becomes difficult to stay on track, review your perfect day document or gallery to remind yourself why you are doing this.

Keep motivation high while following a plan can be a challenge. Try to make exercise fun.

I love to go to the beach and will gladly walk or swim for several hours by the ocean. I can do bodyweight strength training while I am there as well.

Maybe your thing is the dance studio. Identify your best activity and use it.

Final Thoughts…Beginner Workout Plan

The most important part about starting a beginner workout plan is…getting started, especially if you are not exercising now.

You do not have to become a triathlete in the next month, you just have to get off the couch and get moving.

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