12 Thirty Day Challenges for Wellness You Can Start This Week

Challenges are a great way of striving to meet a goal. Just the word “challenge” often brings the competitive nature out of people. A 30 – day challenge is the perfect way to create a healthy habit.

If you are struggling to achieve a goal or just looking to accomplish something that takes effort, why not set up a personal challenge for yourself?

30 Day Challenge Fitness

Thirty-day challenges are the perfect length of time to prove to yourself that you can stick with it. Additionally, thirty days is long enough to turn a behavior into a habit.

So, if you are trying to make a life change, why not consider a 30-day challenge to get headed in the right direction.

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The 30 Day Challenge for Wellness

Thirty-day challenges can be as simple or as challenging as you see fit. It can be something you need to do (like lose weight) or something that you want to do (like start journaling).

Challenges are the ultimate productivity tool. And if you want to up it a level, get an accountability partner or join a community where you check in periodically to review your progress towards completing the challenge.

1. Fitness Challenge

The fitness challenge is one of the first types of challenges that comes to mind. Maybe you choose to walk 30 minutes a day for 30 days.

Experts say you should be walking 10,000 steps a day. That goal can be a challenge for you. Fitness can also involve working with weights, flexibility, yoga or meditation or any combination of these things.

You could develop a personal plan for fitness or have a personal trainer put one together for you. If you do not have a regular exercise plan, a fitness plan can be a great thirty-day challenge for you.

2. The Food Challenge

Wow…this one can really be creative. It can be as simple as a weightloss schedule you set for yourself or a healthier eating challenge, such as more vegetables and less bread.

You could also choose to eliminate processed foods and refined sugar for a month. There many challenges that could be done when it comes to food.

If you are a fast food eater, you could challenge yourself not to eat fast food for thirty days. You should be able to find at least one or two food challenges that would make you a healthier person.

It would not take me long to come up with at least one I could this month.

Drink Water

3. Water Challenge

Drinking water seems like such a simple thing, but most people do not drink enough of it. For a person making healthy living changes, water should be on the list.

Challenge yourself to drink 8 – 10 glasses of water each day. This can be tracked in a journal or you can set your cell phone alarm to ring when it is time to grab a glass of water.

You can also choose to make drinking a glass of water an “event” by using a pretty glass and adding a few pieces of fresh fruit to your water.

4. Journaling Challenge

If you are trying to lose (especially if you are an emotional eater), journaling will play a huge role in helping you achieve your goals.

So, why not start out by taking on a 30-day challenge. You can journal daily in as little as 10 -15 minutes a day.

With a journal, there are no rules. You can write about anything that you want. Your writing can be about your struggles, your “wins”, your hopes and dreams…well you get the idea.

Counselors often use journals and mood trackers as tools to help their clients work through their emotions. It can be easier to avoid negative behaviors if you write about frustrations.

5. Gratitude Challenge

Fitness comes in many ways and they are not all physical. Sometimes we can gain a lot just by reflecting on the good things in our life.

We all have them…why not spend 15 minutes a day giving thanks for the things that bring love, strength and hope.

Gratitude is something that you can reflect on in as little as five minutes a day. Trying doing it first thing in the morning before you get out of bed.

30 Day Challenges for Fitness

6. Morning Routine Challenge

Create a morning routine and do it every day for the next 30 days. A morning routine is a period of time 30 – 60 minutes each morning where you will start your day off with the same group of tasks.

It is this group of tasks that creates your morning routine. It could be drinking a glass of water, doing 20 jumping jacks, reading a daily devotional and creating a to-do list for the day.

Use a 30-day morning routine to prepare for a productive and stress-free day.

7. Give Up Something Challenge

Do you watch too much TV, spend too much time on social media or spend too much time playing video games?

It seems we all have a habit or two or ten that we enjoy, but spend a little too much time enjoying it. Some of these habits can be downright unhealthy. Instead of sweating it, turn it into a challenge.

Can you go 30 days without being on social media…I challenge you! Something tells me, there are a lot of people that would struggle to be away from social media for 30 days.

Okay, okay…maybe you don’t give it up completely, but you limit it to one hour a day. You get the idea…challenge yourself to give it up or at the very least, limit it.

8. Spend 30 Minutes Working Towards a Goal

Pick something you have always dream of and start working towards it. There are so many fun and interesting activities as close as your fingertips.

Take the time to learn a new skill or work at being able to cross something off your bucket list.

9. Reading Challenge

Get a book and read each day for 30 days. Even if it is only 10 pages, it will help you take your mind off of what is ailing you, it can relax you in the evening and it can give you knowledge that you can take with you.

Reading is one of my favorite things to do and I hope it is yours as well. Would you like to spend more time reading? Why not challenge yourself to spend more time with your nose in a book.

Reading a Book

10. Sleep Challenge

The world is full of people that sacrifice sleep for lots of other things. It used to be considered a great thing to be able to survive with only a few hours of sleep.

In recent years, experts have realized just how important an adequate amount of sleep is to your health.

If you struggle with getting 7 – 8 hours of sleep each night, it might be a good idea to spend the next 30 days setting a bedtime, winding down and getting some quality shut-eye.

11. The Feeling Life Challenge

This challenge is about taking the time to actually describe how you feel and this means something besides “I am fine” or “this sucks”.

Being able to identify what you are feeling will give you a leg up on being able to make changes in your life (like managing emotional eating).

Want to get creative? Draw a picture of how you feel. This is something you can do quickly (and several times a day, if needed). Get your feelings down on paper and watch how your life changes.

12. Evening Routine Challenge

There can be value in having an evening routine. It is common for people to make a “to-do” list for the next day.

People often decide the evening before what they are going to wear the next day. Busy moms do a lot of planning the night before in order to get their kids out the door for school the next morning.

Do you find yourself rushing around in the morning to get out the door to work? Then an evening routine challenge could be for you.

What simple tasks can you do in the evening that will save you valuable time in the morning? An evening routine could also include tasking leading up to going to bed and including the time that you go to bed.

Final Thoughts…The 30-Day Challenge

Challenges can be a lot of fun, but more importantly, they are motivating. I compare them to a mini SMART goal. All the parts are there. It is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

Whether you want to focus on productivity, improve your health or learn new things, a thirty-day challenge is a perfect way to stick with a goal and track your progress over the next 30 days.

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